Finance Blogger Income Report – April 2020

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Here is a roundup of what I call the “top finance blogger income reports” for April 2020.

This report is a bit different than other “blogger income reports” who rely strictly on their own blog income and report on that.  These bloggers are using their own money and actually putting it to use to achieve a very specific financial goal, financial independence.

Each of these is working hard to attain financial freedom in their own unique way, but what is unique is that they are posting about their progress on a monthly basis. Some report on net worth, some report on cash flow.  There are many “famous” reports, (such as my money mustache), but these blogs are focused on getting to the level of financial independence, or as I like to call it, financial freedom.

Even more importantly, they are working to take control of their own finances vs the “wait and hope and pray” approach, either through side hustles or just regular old investing.

Check each one out and find one that suits you

Retire by 40

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Route to Fi

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Cash Flow Diaries

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This is one of my favorite “finance blogs” as it most closely aligns with my own investing style, and in fact inspired me to create this blog!  However, the owner hasn’t posted an update since January…I hope all is well!

Last, but not least was my own update at

40 Plus Finance

Do you know of others that post about this on a monthly basis?  Let me know in the comments below!