Cashflow Tactics Review – Is The Course Relevant In 2023?

Cashflow Tactics Review

Have you been looking for a path towards financial freedom or at least a bit more certainty in your financial plan? Read further for an honest cashflow tactics review and peek inside their academy from a member.

Did you think that by following the “normal plan” that things were all going to end up well, and then the “Dot Com” bubble, “2008 financial crisis” and then “2020” (whatever you want to call it) came and that derailed you?
If you are anything like me, you worked hard, saved money, put it in a 401k and thought all would be taken care of.  After all, isn’t that what all of of the financial gurus on TV told us to do?  “Just invest for the long term?”  Each time one of the times above came into play it felt like a punch in the gut as you watched your “retirement” drop 20, 30, or even 40%.  Sometimes it happened in just a few days.
I was (un)lucky….in that my investing portfolio crashed during each one of the above mentioned financial crisis.  It felt like an absolute punch in the gut and paralysis all at the same time.
What was I supposed to do?
So what would a regular person do in my case?  Read, study, and listen to all of the financial gurus on TV, right?

Cashflow Tactics – What Is It About?

Cashflow Tacitcs - What Is It About

As co-founders of , Bradley Gibb, Ryan Lee, and Jimmy Vreeland have designed educational courses and coaching programs to assist individuals in reaching financial freedom within a ten-year timeframe. Their moto is to “Rise Up – Live Free” and they’ve built their strategy upon four key principles: production, protection, profit, and prosper. They call these the “Core Four” principles.

Core Four Principles

Production focuses on developing one’s mindset, skillset, and network to generate opportunities and get out of the rat race. By honing in on our unique talents, we can offer solutions to the world’s problems while earning more money and acquiring an appreciation for it. This is the stage where you work on yourself to get more money you can use in your own life. Their belief is that you are your own greatest asset.

Protection is vital as it involves safeguarding our wealth against various risks, like taxes, litigation, inflation, dishonest partners, scams, and market volatility. By understanding these threats, we can develop strategies to preserve our hard-earned money.

Profit is the step where we learn to put our money to work for us. The goal is to seek assets that provide the most predictable and sustainable income streams. Creating consistent cash flow empowers us with the option of retiring and controlling our time.

Financial Freedom Principles

Lastly, prospering is about harmonizing our financial resources with our values and living richly in the present. Envisioning and pursuing our ideal lifestyle become possible when money is no longer an obstacle.

Well, as it turns out, none of them know ANY better than you or I do when it comes to “investing” in the market. Even in the most recent inflation bubble, most people in the news thought that inflation would be transitory, remember that?
During my research is when I stumbled across Cash Flow Tactics when I was looking for alternative financial strategies. That was back in 2019 and I have been following their motto of financial empowerment and wealth building principles ever since.
And you know what?  This time, I haven’t lost a dime during this recent financial crisis and have even thrived.

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Top 3 Reasons I bought Cash Flow Tactics Academy

#1) First and foremost, I bought it for the top notch financial education that gave me. This is hands down the best financial education I’ve gone through in the last 10 years.
#2) The focus is on empowering you to make financial decisions and not to blindly just follow their advice.
#3) CFT teaches you a framework on how to make financial decisions and become financially free. No gimmicks or fluff here.   Not just what works now, but what has worked for decades, if not hundreds of years.  This comes in the form of what they call a “game plan”.  Here is just a quick glimpse into what they game plan has meant for me in the video below


YouTube video

What Are the Different Programs? Program

I’ve been involved in CFT since early 2019 and have participated in all of their programs, which include the Fast Track Program, Acceleration Program, and even their highest level mastermind, the Empire Mastermind.

Most recently, they have streamlined things a bit & go with 3 levels of involvement:

  • Cashflow Tactics Acceleration
  • Empire Mastermind
  • Rise-Up Mastermind

They even have an informal coaching program where you meet in a group setting with a Tactical Wealth Strategist (not a financial advisor) and have Q&A weekly.

Once to twice a year, CFT has what I’d call a “conference,” always in Utah and additionally in St Louis. I’ve visited every Utah “Rise Up – Live Free” conference and found them hugely valuable.

To summarize their approach, the programs are unlike those offered by Dave Ramsey. They focus on you taking control of your investments, avoiding costly mistakes by learning from the group, and dispelling financial myths through experience and actual math.

They have dozens, if not hundreds, of people who have their individual success stories (myself included) participating in their financial education programs.

What Kinds Of Investments Does CFT Recommend?

You must understand that CFT only recommends what the founders and the group have had personal success with. Rather than playing the role of financial planner, their focus in heaving on education (even recommending outside book reading) and getting out of the rat race as step one.  

The investments are not about mutual funds but rather heavy on single-family rental real estate and high cash-value whole life insurance, which they refer to as the Vault. Those have become the core of my financial freedom plan, and I continue to invest in both of those to this day. I attribute my financial success to listening, learning, and applying the wealth principles I’ve learned through Cashflow Tactics.

Who Founded Cashflow Tactics?

Who Founded Cashflow Tactics

Ryan Lee, Brad Gibb, and Jimmy Vreeland founded Cashflow Tactics in 2018, largely to bring the model of their own success story to the market. Each of them had their variation of financial success, but it wasn’t until they formalized a specific step-by-step financial plan, expressed by the “Core Four,” and “Four Pillars,” that they took a leap forward and became financially free.

Cash Flow Tactics Academy Course – Everything You Get Inside

Cashflow Tactics Academy

Module 1: Our Mission.  Their mission is not to improve a person’s finances, it’s to REVOLUTIONIZE them. We’re here to empower men and women to RISE UP & LIVE FREE.

Module 2: Wealth Foundations.  Before embarking on a mission of epic proportions, the right foundation must be laid. This section will serve as the foundation that everything is built on.

Module 3: The Financial Freedom Game Plan.  Learn how to COLLAPSE TIME and achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less with the lessons in Module 3.

Module 4: Produce.  At the core of Cashflow Tactics is the mindset that each of us are the MOST VALUABLE ASSETS in our own lives. Module 4 introduces the principles that ultimately fuel not just financial freedom but ultimate freedom!

Module 5: Protect. It’s not what’s EARNED but what’s KEPT that makes the biggest impact on a game plan. Find out how to build a system that focuses on PROTECTING finances.

Module 6: Profit. Earn it then grow it! In the Profit section, we focus on strategically growing your wealth using the VAULT and the Four Pillars.

Module 7: Prosper. Wealth is more than money. Real Wealth is a combination of the abundance and prosperity you have in five meaningful areas we call the Five Currencies.

Module 8: Investment Myths & Wealth Misconceptions

Added Bonus – One-on-one “Game Plan”
Yes, as part of this, you actually get a full-on game plan, the one I referenced in the above email which has allowed me to stay abundant in very stressful economic times.  It’s a literal plan presented to you by a certified cash flow strategist and will help you clarify two important things:
– What is your financial goal?
– What do you need to do in order to achieve that in 10 years?

Sample Cash Flow Tactics Academy Training

YouTube video


I absolutely LOVE Cash Flow Tactics, the training, the community, all of it and I’ve been a paying member since early 2019.

Downside Of The Cashflow Tactics Program

Cons Of Cashflow Tactics

One of the pillars of investing they talk about is “auto pilot assets”.  CFT provides an awesome framework how to look for and analyze these kinds of assets, and even gives you a “calculator” that helps you compute the numbers.

However, one theme I’ve seen repeatedly (and I had the same issue when I got my first asset) was I wanted to literally watch someone run through the calculations for a sample one.  All of the assets don’t always neatly line up what goes on a spreadsheet.

What if you could watch someone a few steps ahead of you analyze a property?

Would you like me to send you a copy?

Simply click here to sign up for the the Cash Flow Tactics Fast Track.   Once you receive your receipt, forward it to us at hello @ 40plusfinance (dot) com and we’ll email you a video analysis.

This fast track, along with the follow-with-me analysis is now perfect for someone looking to get going on the path to financial freedom.

What if you are more than ready to get going and want hit the ground running, where would you acquire these auto pilot assets from?

If you get the full academy, I’ll send you a link to who I personally purchased my first few properties from, along with a video they produced on what parts of the city you should buy from.

With the full CFT academy, follow-with-me-analysis, place to purchase properties and video analysis of the city to buy from, you will be well on your way to accomplish your financial goals.

Simply click here to sign up for the Cash Flow Tactics Academy Course.  Once you’ve received your receipt, forward it to us at hello @ 40plusfinance (dot) com

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the Cash Flow Tactics Program?

A: Cash Flow Tactics is a financial strategy program aimed at empowering individuals with education for financial freedom. It offers a course called Cash Flow Tactics Academy which provides a framework for informed financial decision-making.

Q: What does the Cash Flow Tactics Academy Course include?

A: The Cash Flow Tactics Academy Course includes modules on wealth foundations, financial freedom planning, and producing, protecting, and profiting principles. It also provides a personalized “Game Plan” created by a certified cash flow strategist for individual financial goals.

Q: What are the top three reasons to enroll in the Cash Flow Tactics Academy?

A: Enrolling in the Cash Flow Tactics Academy provides top-notch financial education, empowers individuals to make financial decisions, and teaches a time-tested framework for achieving financial freedom.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!