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What is the mission of 40plusfinance.com?

Our mission is to provide insightful and reliable financial advice and news for individuals over 40.

Who is the target audience of 40plusfinance.com?

Our primary audience is individuals over 40 looking for guidance on financial planning, investment strategies, and retirement solutions.

What types of financial topics do you cover?

We cover a variety of topics including real estate investing, retirement planning, investment strategies, tax advice, and personal finance education for those over 40.

How often is new content posted on 40plusfinance.com?

We update our content daily to ensure our readers have access to the most recent financial information and education.

Do you accept guest submissions or op-eds from readers?

Yes, we welcome guest articles and op-eds. Submissions should be relevant to our audience and adhere to our editorial guidelines.

How can I contribute or get involved with 40plusfinance.com?

Readers can contribute by commenting or engaging with questions either here on the site or on Social Media

Do you collaborate with other financial publications or organizations?

Yes, we collaborate with various financial institutions and publications to provide a broad perspective on financial topics.

How can I contact you for press inquiries or partnerships?

For press inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact us at hello – at – 40plusfinance.com or visit our Contact page.

Is 40plusfinance.com a for-profit or nonprofit entity?

40plusfinance.com is a for-profit entity, aiming to offer high-quality financial advice while maintaining ethical business practices.

How does your site make money?

This site makes money through display ads placed on-site as well as select referrals to financial education products and information. Please also see our affiliate disclosure.

Do you offer personalized financial advice?

While we provide general financial educational information, we don’t offer personalized financial advice. We recommend consulting with a certified financial advisor for individual needs. Financial education is your strongest tool and through that and consulting with professionals is what we recommend. This site is for entertainment, education and financial empowerment purposes.

What is the company behind 40 Plus Finance?

The company behind 40 Plus Finance is Fourteen Web Media, a web publishing and digital media company.

Who founded 40 Plus Finance?

The founder of 40 Plus Finance is Kurt Henninger who also the owner and chief operator. For more information about him, please visit our About Us page.

Who writes the content on 40 Plus Finance?

The content is written by a group of professional freelance writers and fact checked by financial experts prior to publishing.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Either visit our home-page and click on “Subscribe” or each page has a subscribe button in it’s menu.

Can I purchase a subscription to 40 Plus Finance?

40 Plus Finance is an online only publication, meaning there is no print version.

How do you protect your readers Privacy?

We believe online privacy is a cornerstone of a free society and take it extremely seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.