What New Investors Should Know About Buying Their First Property in a Recession

What new investors should know about buying their first property in a recession

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Many novice investors are under the impression that a recession is not the best time to start investing. Contrary to this belief, a recession can be the ideal time to make some of the best deals. Unfortunately, the kicker is that these deals are not highly secure during this time. Since we have been in a seller’s market for the past decade, investors can expect a large shift in their investing practices once it transforms into a buyer’s market.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can still make good returns on real estate, but you need to choose your investments carefully.
  • Because of the recession, the buyer’s market has become a seller’s market instead.
  • You shouldn’t just buy something because of a sale, take your time, and more.

Since COVID-19 has come onto the scene, real estate transactions have slowed, but many areas are still seeing lots of sales at stable prices.

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One thing we’ve noticed as late as 2023 is that while the United States may or may not be in a technical recession, adherence to rental payments has become more of an issue.  Because of financial stress from things like inflation, lack of jobs, etc, payments come later, more renters are behind.

It’s more important than ever before to educate yourself financially.  Check our our article on best financial freedom books for a primer on the subject.