5 Classes Your High Schooler Should Take to Start on the Right Financial Footing

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High school students can set themselves up for financial independence by taking the right classes. Many schools offer elective classes in personal finance. Others offer accounting classes which can teach kids about projected revenue and expenses. Computer applications courses can teach teens how to use spreadsheets, as well as Word, PowerPoint and Google suite. It is also beneficial to take a course or join a club that teaches public speaking. Finally, it helps to take AP classes and ones that offer college credit. Starting college with credits already in hand will save tuition costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Take a persona finance class so you can learn how to manage your body and invest it properly.
  • Accounting is a great skill to learn because it teaches students that money coming in needs to be greater than money going out.
  • Any type of computer class can be valuable as there are so many things that you can analyze and develop on a computer.

“Let’s look at five classes students should take in high school to set themselves up for early financial independence.”

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