What is Real Investing?

Real investing deals with a quadrant with four different letters which are E, S, B an I. These letters stand for employee, self-employed, business owner and investor. Ultimately the cash flow quadrant depends on how you generate your income. Employees typically earn income from other people. Self employed people are able to get income by working for themselves. You have to realize that each quadrant has their own mindset. Finally, remember that wealth is measured in time and not money as ultimately the number of days you can survive without working is wealth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The four letters in the quadrant are E, S, B and I, and they stand for employee, self-employed, business owner and investor.
  • Each quadrant has it’s own mindset and there are benefits and salaries that come with employees.
  • Wealth can be measured in time instead of money as you need to survive without working.

“Changing quadrants means altering who you are, how you think, and how you look at the world. The change is easier for some people than for others, simply because some welcome change while others fight it.”

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