The Keys to Partnerships in Real Estate

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Ken McElroy is a real estate maven, writer, speaker and entrepreneur. Besides wealth and success, McElroy has also accumulated a vast amount of professional expertise over the years, expertise that he’s used to mentor and teach not only in the real world, but also online. His website, is a treasure trove for the success hungry, simply stuffed with useful data. In it McElroy has collected, collated and archived a wealth of highly useful, perusable media, including blogs, videos, books, courses and podcasts. One recent podcast was all about partnerships in real estate. In the podcast, McElroy interviews his longtime real estate investment partner Ross McCallister. Besides their longtime working relationship in the game of real estate investment, the two men, McElroy and McCallister are also longtime friends. The July podcast explains and explores how the two man initially met and how they it all snowballed into a highly profitable relationship.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ken McElroy hosts podcast, that includes guest interviews, on the site
  • Besides being a blogger and podcaster, Ken McElroy is also a longtime, successful real estate agent.
  • McElroy attributes a large portion of his real estate success to working in tandem, specifically with his friend and fellow agent, Ross McCallister.

“Join Ken as he talks with his long term friend and partner, Ross McCallister about how they met and what has been the keys to their success over many years working together.”

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