The Core Four

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The core four of investing are the four things that you can do to keep yourself laser focused on your goals so that you can better achieve them. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you invest it, what matters truly is how you invest. There are four things you have to keep in mind when making an investment and those four things are summed up to mean that you need to increase your control, and minimize your risk while at the same time saving your money.

Key Takeaways:

  • The goal is to focus on the 3% of assets that produce the results necessary to gain financial freedom within 10 years.
  • How you invest is more important that what you invest in.
  • The Core Four involves increasing control and return while reducing risk and tax burden.

“Most people fall back on traditional advice offered by Goldfish Advisors. We believe that the majority of that advice is dangerous and misleading.”

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