Return on Investment vs. Return of Attention

Don’t get so caught up in your return on investment that you forget about what truly matters to you. Why you started this business, and what makes you want to keep it going are the two things to truly focus on. Return on investment is important but it shouldn’t be the most important focus that you have. Commit to giving yourself the rewards that you deserve and budget for those things accordingly. Living a good life is a big part of what makes your business important to you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being hyper focused on return on investment can distract you from your goals. Stick to your mission and see it out.
  • Gaining control over your assets is essential. Having a good plan for high returns is nice, but is also the number one mistake that makes people lose their money.
  • Having a clear structure for your financial goals is the critical step for making it all come together.

“If you can commit to living wealthy along the way, you’ll be rewarded with the internal motivation to keep going after your goals.”

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