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investor with familyWhen this whole virus exploded, I saw many working professionals start to see their retirement funds dry up, I was touched deeply. I knew it was going to be tough. I’ve been an investor myself for 20 plus years, which equates to my entire adult life. I have family who are both self-taught investors and professional investors for others. I’ve seen first hand how much of their portfolios have been decimated over the last 3 months.

If you are like me, this is the third time I’ve seen this happen in my adult lifetime. First was the DotCom bubble bursting. Second was the “Great Recession” and financial turmoil that followed. Third and most recently was the “Great Shutdown” (or whatever it will be called in the history books).

The first two times I can clearly remember how I felt during the turmoil and afterwards.

To me, it felt like a punch in the gut when I had been working hard and saving money (often more than the 10% per month) and seeing my “retirement portfolio” drop 20-40%. Couple that with a paralyzing fear of not knowing what the “right” thing to do was. Worst of all, I felt stuck and didn’t have a clear path forward.

And, if I’m being honest, I was more than a bit pissed that “the plan” wasn’t working out for me like it had for my parents.

Wasn’t that how we were supposed to get to retirement at 65?

Go to school
Work hard, & get a steady job
Save 10% of your paycheck
Invest in a well diversified group of mutual funds
Watch as your retirement nest egg grew at 8% per year

Who hasn’t heard that before?

After the “Great Recession”in 2008 it was particularly hard as my family had little to no savings left.

And, now, during the “Great Shutdown” I’m hearing oddly similar conversations to what I had before. Some of my friends are upset and quite frankly scared about their future and fear they will never be able to retire.

But that is why I am writing today to let you know about a financial strategy that I adopted about a year and a half ago. It sheltered me from losing a dime during the Spring of 2020 and gave me such certainty in my financial plan that I doubled down on it in April of 2020.

Yes, part of that was actually stopping contributing to my 401k, even for the match

As my friends were on Social Media chattering away about how this person was to blame, or that person was to blame, or that a medical condition had screwed them over, I was sitting on the sidelines quietly watching how I wasn’t just “not losing” but thriving and actually adding to my financial portfolio.

Like I said before, on April 6, I was adding to that same portfolio, bringing myself one step closer to my ultimate goal, financial freedom.

You see, about a year and a half ago I stumbled across a full financial strategy that not only provided a framework on “what to invest in”, but how to analyze your current situation and act upon that, taking charge of your financials instead of relying on a “financial advisor”.

If you’re interested in learning the same step by step, paint by numbers financial process that I learned then this may be for you.

I learned all of this in what is called the Cashflow Tactics Academy

They lay out the same blueprint and has set me on a path towards financial prosperity, security and predictability.

How much are we talking about generating with this? Well, Cashflow Tactics like to refer to this as their “Strike Number” so it’s different for everyone. However, think of the cashflow number in the context of what you’ll need in order to meet your monthly expenses, post taxes.

How long will it take to achieve this? Again, it will be different for everyone, as each person comes into the game with different levels of assets available to them. In fact, I started with little assets available and just went from there. However, a critical component of the Cashflow Tactics Academy is what they refer to as their “game plan” where you sit down with a strategist and they tailor a literal step-by-step scenario for you in order to achieve your “strike number” in 10 years or less.

Right now, this financial strategy is really in demand for lots of people. People possibly like you.

I say possibly because not everyone is up for this. You might not be a fit. You might be a perfect fit. I don’t know. I just want to let you know about it and if it is something up your alley. In order to entice you to look at this training, I want to give you a bonus. More on the fast-acting bonus later.

First, let me tell you what Cashflow Tactics will require of you

  • Are you willing to do the work and stick to a proven plan?
  • Are you willing to do things differently than 97% of people financially?
  • Are you willing to take control of your own finances and be the one responsible for them?

Did you answer yes to these three questions? Then the Cashflow Tactics Academy may be the perfect thing for you. If you want to explore more, click the link here
The information on that page will tell you more in depth about the Academy and let you see if it’s a right fit for you.

Now, let me tell you about the fast acting bonus I mentioned before.

One of the pillars of investing they talk about is “auto pilot assets”. CFT provides an awesome framework on how to look for and analyze these kinds of assets, and even gives you a “calculator” that helps you compute the numbers and make sure what you are looking at is going to work.

However, one theme I’ve seen repeatedly (and I had the same issue when I got my first asset) was I wanted to literally watch someone run through the calculations for a sample one. All of the assets don’t always neatly line up what goes on a spreadsheet.

What if you could watch someone a few steps ahead of you analyze the auto-pilot asset? Would you like me to send you a copy?

Simply click here to sign up for the Cashflow Tactics Academy Once you receive your receipt, forward it to us at hello @ 40plusfinance (dot) com and we’ll email you a video analysis.

What if you are more than ready to get going and want to hit the ground running, where would you acquire these autopilot assets from?
If you get the full academy, I’ll send you a link to who I personally purchased my first few properties from, along with a video they produced on what parts of the city you should buy from.

With the full CFT academy, follow-with-me-analysis, place to purchase properties and video analysis of the city to buy from, you will be well on your way to accomplish your financial goals.

Here is how you get the bonus

  1. Follow the instructions to buy the Cashflow Tactics Academy course.
  2. Take the receipt you are sent and email me at hello (at) 40plusfinance (dot) com.
  3. I will send the two bonuses.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Kurt Henninger

Cash Flow Tactics member Kurt