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The 40PlusFinance Story

In the dynamic world of personal finance, a beacon of experience and wisdom shines through at Founded by Kurt Henninger, a seasoned real estate investor with over three decades of industry experience, 40PlusFinance stands as a testament to the power of financial education and the potential of passive real estate investing.

The Genesis: Kurt’s journey in real estate began in the 1980s, working alongside his father, a landlord and property owner. From the humble beginnings of a “clean-up crew” member, Kurt’s passion for real estate was ignited. This early exposure laid the foundation for what would become a flourishing career spanning various roles – from a financial manager at a Fortune 100 company to a military officer, and eventually, the owner of a real estate investment company with holdings across several states.

The Launch of 40PlusFinance: In 2020, amidst a world of financial uncertainties and market crashes, Kurt launched His vision was clear: to document his family’s financial journey and offer a guiding light to others navigating similar paths. The site emerged as a leading online financial education publication, focusing on financial empowerment and passive real estate investing.

Education and Experience: Kurt’s academic background is as impressive as his professional one. With degrees in Engineering from an Ivy League institution, a Masters of Applied Sciences, and extensive studies in macroeconomics and real estate trends, Kurt brings a wealth of knowledge to 40PlusFinance. His experience in marketing, operations, finance management, and real estate investment enriches the content and advice offered on the site.

The Mission: 40PlusFinance is more than just a financial education website; it’s a journey of resilience and adaptation. Kurt’s experience of enduring and rebuilding from financial losses provides a relatable and authentic perspective. The site is not about giving financial advice but sharing an alternative route to financial freedom, especially for those in their 40s facing unique challenges like managing family finances, college expenses, and career transitions.

Engagement and Resources: The website is a hub of resources, constantly updated to reflect the latest in financial freedom strategies and real estate investment insights. Kurt encourages interaction, inviting visitors to reach out with questions and engage through various social media platforms.

Collaborate With Us

Collaborate With Us

Guest Blogging Exchange:

Join our guest blogging exchange to share your expertise with our audience and feature our insights on your platform, creating a mutually beneficial reach expansion.

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Collaborate with us to host engaging webinars or workshops, combining our expertise to educate and inspire our combined audiences.

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If you’d like to feature us on your podcast, let’s explore the depths of real estate investing and financial freedom together.

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We are open to partnering with affiliate programs that will be mutually beneficial to our audiences.

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Leverage our social media presence through collaborative campaigns, reaching a broader audience with shared content and interactive events.

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Sponsor a post, video, or section on our site to feature your brand prominently to our audience, dedicated to financial freedom and real estate investing.

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Co-create comprehensive e-books or guides with us, pooling our expertise to produce valuable resources for our audiences.

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Enhance our membership experience through your exclusive offers or content, providing added value to our community of avid learners.

Online Course Collaborations: Join forces with us to develop in-depth online courses, combining our knowledge to create a unique learning experience for our users.

Community Events and Meetups:

Partner with us for local events and meetups, connecting with our community face-to-face and building stronger networks in the real estate and finance sectors.

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